Liquid Vitamins: A Better Alternative to Pills

Liquid vitamins offer an effective and faster absorption rate than pills or capsules due to their lack of added stabilizers and fillers.

Liquid Vitamins: A Better Alternative to Pills

When it comes to vitamins, there are many different forms available. From pills and capsules to liquids and chewables, it can be difficult to decide which form is best for you. While pills and capsules may have a longer shelf life, liquid vitamins offer a more effective and faster absorption rate. Liquids may have a shorter shelf life than pills because they generally lack the added stabilizers that allow pills to stay on the shelf longer.

Hard tablets necessarily come with fillers, bonding agents and stabilizers to help give it that shape. Although they are storage-stable, these additives come at a cost of bioavailability. Cellulose capsules break down more quickly than hard tablets, but they still take longer than liquid ones due to the physical barrier, up to an hour or so. In the case of vitamins in pill form, there is also the question of the composition of the added substances.

Are they plant-based or synthetic? Is something being added that the body doesn't need and that maybe it shouldn't have added? You deserve a better alternative for your healthy lifestyle. Don't settle for getting less than 95% of what's on the label. The midday depression is a real part of your body's rhythm and 42% of Americans are currently vitamin D deficient. Each ITSpray solution has more than 10 active ingredients.

Replace that handful of pills with a simple spray, ITspray is the solution you deserve. When you take a pill, only 10 to 20% of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream. Meanwhile, the body will absorb approximately 98% of a liquid vitamin. This difference is due to the way the body processes each type of vitamin.

The pills must pass through the digestive system before their nutrients are absorbed. Instead, spray the liquid form under the tongue and the tissue will immediately process the vitamins in the bloodstream. It even states that 85 to 90% of the nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds, which means faster results. The best way to get your vitamins is to bypass the digestive system.

The strength, as well as the immediacy of the application, are the reason why most hospitals prefer to administer medications sublingually (under the tongue). Your patients receive a stronger, more instant benefit from the liquid form. While potency may be a concern for parents of young children, ITSpray has been designed to customize their dosage. You can control each dose, whether you choose 1 or 7 sprays, you'll know how much each one contains.

If you don't feel comfortable applying 7 full sprays to yourself or your child, spray just once or twice and add them as you see fit. The absorption rates of liquid vitamins versus pills are very different. While liquid supplements are already in the form your body needs, that's not the only reason they're better at absorbing. Liquid vitamins take less time to break down and absorb.

If your body has a hard time absorbing nutrients, it may be easier to take a liquid vitamin than pills or tablets. However, some essential nutrients must be absorbed slowly. Be careful if you feel lightheaded or dizzy when taking a liquid vitamin. Talk to your doctor if you're worried.

The way a vitamin is presented will affect how quickly the body absorbs it. Not only is the absorption rate of liquid multivitamins higher and more effective than that of other forms, but it is also faster than that of pills or capsules. The bioavailability of a vitamin measures the degree of absorption of the substance by the body, so higher bioavailability indicates a more effective vitamin. Unless you have certain health conditions, all you need to maintain your health is a general liquid multivitamin that includes the nutrients that are often omitted, regardless of your age.

While an upset stomach is the most likely result of a vitamin overdose, excess iron can cause iron toxicity, ranging from nausea and vomiting to coma and death. You should be precise when using liquid vitamins and only take the amount recommended for your age and body type. You'll benefit from more effective and faster results, as the liquid enters directly into the bloodstream and works its magic. Children and older adults with medical conditions can consume liquid probiotics without the risk of suffocation.

Vitamin D tablets will contain vitamin D, but they will also include additives that help the pills stay together and improve their taste, texture, or appearance. While powder and pills may contain the same vitamins, the form of consumption you choose will affect how your body processes nutrients. With all vitamins and minerals that all members of your family need, Better Family's liquid multivitamin supports health for your entire family. However, liquid vitamins do not have an outer layer or envelope so multivitamins flow to your body much faster.

If you have trouble swallowing pills or have problems with your esophagus, liquid vitamins might be a better option. Pills or gel capsules must be completely broken down into nutrients that are then freely absorbed and affect your body. Anyone who has tried a vitamin supplement has seen different forms in which they come from liquids to chewables and capsules.

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